Acoustic Stimulation Paired With Body and Cortical Stimulation for Modulating Tinnitus

To investigate stimulation parameters for modulating the brain to decrease tinnitus perception.

  1. Tinnitus Talk
    The purpose of the study is to investigate different stimulation parameters for a new noninvasive approach for modulating the brain that could potentially be beneficial for decreasing tinnitus perception.

    The new approach is called Multimodal Synchronization Therapy (mSync). mSync uses a combination of acoustic stimulation played through headphones and low levels of electrical current delivered via electrodes placed on the surface of different body regions.

    The timing interval between the acoustic and body stimulation is varied in order to cause different types of changes in the brain. In addition to acoustic and body stimulation, noninvasive cortical stimulation will also be presented as part of mSync to attempt to further modulate or decrease the tinnitus percept.

    Cortical stimulation will be performed by placing a magnetic coil over a spot on the head and sending a brief magnetic pulse that can travel through the skin and bone to create electrical current inside the head.

    For this study, different body locations as well as specific timing intervals among acoustic, body, and cortical stimulation will be investigated to identify appropriate parameters that can modulate and potentially decrease tinnitus perception.

    Different mSync parameters will be investigated across multiple testing sessions (up to 16 weekly sessions) and the tinnitus percept will be closely monitored throughout the study.

    Estimated Enrollment: 10
    Study Start Date: January 2015
    Estimated Study Completion Date: December 2015
    Estimated Primary Completion Date: December 2015 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)
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