1 Year Anniversary of My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ishank, Dec 22, 2014.

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      So its been a year since I am suffering from T.

      A Brief Background= I got my T by using computer headset. Back in 2013, I was talking to someone on Skype, and there was some issue with the end user headset. And I heard loud "eeeeee..." noise few time during this conversation. I believe this noise has damaged my inner hair cells to some extent.

      What my T sounds like= like a buzzing sound from old CRT TV. Noticeable in quiet places.

      Diagnosis & medical treatment= Went to 2 well known ENT surgeon. Hearing test were normal. Tried all kind of medicines - antibiotics , ginkgo biloba & anxiety meds etc.

      In the first 4-5 months, I was panicked and depressed. This forum and its member helped me a lot. And slowly I learn to ignore T. And now I am habituated.

      T don't bother me much. But I don't want it go worse. So I avoid loud noises & using headphones.

      How T affected me= My life is normal as before. But sometimes, I still hope for a cure in the next 25-30 years. I really want to experience silence again before I go silent. Till then habituation is the only effective treatment for me.

      I really want to thank to all forum members who has supported me.

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      Glad to hear you're handling it well.

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