10 Months of 24/7 Tinnitus, CEFALY Migraine Band Started It

Discussion in 'Support' started by deathbymigraine, Sep 30, 2015.

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      My tinnitus started last November in an effort to relieve my constant headache I have had since April 2013 (29 months straight now, no answers or any medicines that have helped it). A family member from Canada brought me a "CEFALY" device (FDA finally approved it in USA but it's very difficult to get and only includes one setting- preventative.. useless!). The Canadian version has all 3 settings- 1. Abortative, 2. Preventative, 3. "Relaxation." I used it only on the first setting for about 3 days, up to a few times a day. It is a TENS unit that works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve involved in migraine attacks, and thus somehow decreases the pain/sensitivity. Sounds great right? Wrong. 10 months later, here I am, still with the headache, and still with the tinnitus (almost only in the left ear).

      I don't want to get into my headache because that can take a year to explain- however it should be noted I have some form of dysautonomia. My neurotransmitters are practically nonexistent right now, and I am a poor serotonin transporter. I live in LA and have seen every top doctor and specialist, each more useless than the next. No diagnosis, after 30 months of suffering everyday as a young person.

      ANYWAY…. I am really distraught about this tinnitus. I keep wishing I never tried that device although I can't live in the past or I will make myself more miserable. Clearly the device over-stimulated my nerve(s) since I already have a problem with my nervous system to begin with.. A branch of the trigeminal nerve reaches out to the ears. It all makes sense as to why it caused it, but crazy that the nerves haven't calmed down by now.

      What if I tried the CEFALY device again but this time ONLY on "relaxation" mode? I haven't used it since it started this horror, but never tried the other settings. I wish it described in scientific terms what exactly each setting does, but it doesn't say. At this point I wonder if it could be any worse, and I feel like it couldn't. Of course you never know… Any thoughts?? I know this is a lot to read and confusing but I am suffering SO BADLY. The headache and all my neuro symptoms are so debilitating on their own, this tinnitus of mine (and ours) is just absolutely unfair.
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      You can read about the device here. I also want to add one of the only contraindications for this device is NOT to use if you have Meniere's Disease. Once it started my tinnitus I thought that must be what I have.. but I did an audiology test a few months ago and the doctor said I don't have MD, nor do I have hearing loss although the tinnitus makes it hard for me to hear clearly (duh..).


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      I used to suffer with severely debilitating daily headaches for over a decade. I discovered that i was copper toxic via a hair tissue analysis. Addressing this has resolved my headaches completely.

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