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    1. Tinnitus Talk's 1000th Member

      I feel proud. Two years ago this time I had just launched Tinnitus Talk, and we had only 10 or so members.

      We have come far
      Back then, we hoped one day we would have a member base the kind of we now have amassed.
      Members, who sometimes might have trouble coping themselves, but are still willing to put the extra effort in and also help the newcomers.

      Tinnitus is not pleasant, but the power of the group is greater than that of a single human being
      We are taking the bull by the horns and confronting a really difficult matter the best way we can.
      The support aspect of Tinnitus Talk is the most important one. A wonderful setting to be able to come to receive some help and ideas.
      Destructing as tinnitus can be, it is also beautiful how it has brought all of us together here.
      All of us would be better off without this condition, but the information and depth of topics we have available is astonishing. Thanks to you!

      When did you join Tinnitus Talk? How did you find the forum in the first place? What are your thoughts on Tinnitus Talk today?

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