15+ Years with On & Off again ringing - with success in reducing noise level

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      I have been living with Tinnitus on and off for about 15 years. Can’t say exactly when is started, but my work had me on numerous occasions working in extremely noisy areas (did use rudimentary hearing protection), and also listened to loud music.

      Initially I was seeking a remedy for the tinnitus, ideally a quick fix, however after many years I had no real noticeable success and did incur additional expenses in the process. For me it was extremely frustrating, tiresome, and a major life stressor. Subsequently I started to look elsewhere because there were periods the ringing was not so noticeable and I wanted to find out why.

      I started tracking everything from that point forward, such as noise level, weight, body fat and most importantly what I had consumed. This includes all food and drink, prescriptions, vitamins, herbs and supplements.

      Over this course of time I identified a number of triggers (for me) that are repeatable each and every time. I also ranked the noise level on a scale from 0 to 5. Where 0 is total off and 5 is totally mind numbing random pulsing high level spikes. When triggered I usually go to a level 4. After the appropriate period of time the noise level reduced down to a level at 1 or fraction there of.
      Once I removed the trigger and abstained for an appropriate time the tinnitus will lower and be reduce to a level that almost no longer noticeable.

      Getting to this point was equally frustrating as there were multiple triggers in my case so simply removing one thing did not work. Therefore, I needed to establish a base line and work from there.

      Has anyone else experience anything similar in regards to the Tinnitus?

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Could you please share with us the list of these triggers?
      I noticed that dairy products seem to spike my tinnitus.
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      noise injury
      Hello welcome to the forum, our goal is to lobby and raise awareness so we can have real cures for tinnitus and inner ear disorders without the next 5-10 years.

      Tinnitus is a neurological condition caused by a loss of hearing, research suggest to cure it would come down to tricking the brain to stop generating the tinnitus signal or cure the hearing loss by repairing the inner ear's damage to reverse the problem.

      Tinnitus is similar to when an amputee loses a limb sometimes they experience a sensation of feeling their missing limb, not everyone with an amputation has phantom limb syndrome not everyone with hearing loss has tinnitus.

      Tinnitus sucks, hearing loss (even if mild) sucks and causes lots of depression and negative feelings along with the fact that ENT's and audiologist don't care or keep up with research, the folks that assume one should habituate and give no hope of having a cure, as well as scammers and quack medicine that take advantage of sufferers.

      The good news is that the University of Michigan, and a company called Neuromod are working on devices to reduce the volume of tinnitus by stimulating the auditory brain directly and telling it to cancel out the tinnitus noise.

      Here's a list of devices and medicine going on now to treat tinnitus.

      Neuromod (Lenire)


      University of Michigan (signal timing)

      and even more great news companies working on real cures for hearing loss

      Frequency Therapeutics (cochlear hair cell regeneration)

      Otonomy (cochlear ribbon synapse repair)

      Decibel Therapeutics
      https://decibeltx.com/ (they don't have a drug to reverse hearing loss announced yet, but they are working on amazing things with cutting edge regenerative science, they might surprise us with a announcement soon. They have made it clear it is on their top priority to restore hearing.

      There is even more stuff too like experimental epilepsy drugs (which also help tinnitus) and other smaller projects doing about the same thing. help is on the way!

      The Future seems bright and there most likely will be ways to reduce the volume of tinnitus and improve hearing soon, 5-10 years.

      Neuromod and UoM may be on the market in 1-2 years or so actually, but my ticket out of this is curing my hearing loss.

      Please hold on, it's really awesome to be living in these grand times.
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      Here is a list of triggers that impacted my tinnitus and how the tinnitus is managed. Any single one of these will trigger the tinnitus within 1-2 days and raised my level from a low of 1 or less than 1 to a high level of 4. Note once the trigger(s) are removed it take from 2-3 weeks for it to come back down. IT NEVER HAPPENS IN LESS THEN 2 WEEKS.

      For Example, when prescribe an antibiotic and I’m at a level 1 or lower the ringing will start within a day, and will remain 2-3 weeks after I’ve finished taking the antibiotic. Therefore, a course of antibiotic for 10 days and then 2-3 weeks thereafter, I will have ringing for almost 5 weeks, providing I have not taking any other trigger(s).

      The list is specific to me and may be different for each and everyone. I did this by establishing a baseline (some what challenging) and then documenting everything thereafter. Once the Tinnitus is trigger again, I needed to wait another 2-3 weeks for it to return to a level 1 or lower.

      Note - Level 5 is highest noise level and level 0 is the absences of the ringing

      · Antibiotics
      · Some Rx’s
      · Valerian Root
      · Dramamine
      · Acetyl-L-Carnitine
      · Ginkgo Biloba
      · Alpha Lipoic acid
      · Multivitamins
      · Neuro enhancers
      · Herbal based alcohol

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