17 y/o with Possible Nerve Damage

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matthew Ex, Sep 11, 2015.

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      I've recently posted about how I literally woke up with Tinnitus two and a half weeks ago and my general progress.

      Moreover, I also visited a chiropractor yesterday and he corrected my neck and upper spine. Almost immediately I could feel improvements in my Tinnitus. Great right? Well, turns out some of my vertebrae might have been pushing against my auditory nerve the whole time. Hence, my Tinnitus continues at a reduced volume.

      He's said that after the massage I will have more sensitive hearing due to stimulation of the nerve or whatever (which I did) but that it should get better. He said that I should hydrate more to aid the healing process. Which is what I am doing right now.

      Unfortunately, he's forgot to inform me about how long it should take. I have read that the regeneration process of nerves is equal to the amount of time the nerve has been agitated. Is that true? I don't want to celebrate preemtively.

      I also fear that the getamicine drops I used before might have caused another Tinnitus.

      And lastly: I also suffer from tension headaches and digestive problems ever since my new ENT prescribed me with betahistine (Vertimed 24mg tablets). I took it twice, always before sleeping and woke up with intense stomach cramps and bloating. So I stopped taking them. Should I contact my ENT or just ride it out?
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      Is this what the chiropractor told you? It is pretty much anatomically impossible for neck vertebrae to compress the auditory nerve.

      Nerve damage heals very slowly and is dependant of the type of the injury. Crushing injuries for example heal very badly while cleanly severed nerves have more chance at a better recovery.

      Gentamicin's ototoxicity is well documented. Altough if drops were prescribed, I assume the ENT made sure the tympanic membrane was not compromised.

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      Well, he didn't put it exactly like that. I tried to convey what I understood from all the scientific terminology that he poured out on me. I think he meant that the odd position my neck found itself in messed with the sensory input and caused this Tinnitus, because I spend a lot of time facing to my right. He's also said that he's well acquainted with T since he gets patients with it all the time. So I dunno.

      In all honesty I don't think the first ENT did a very good job (I was in and put in under two minutes), but from the papers I was handed there were no signs of any incursion on my ear drums. I took the drops for only five days as was prescribed.

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