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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ty shattuck, Oct 26, 2013.

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      Today isn't the exact day that this all started, my memory has been a bit shot ever since this happened.
      In a sense I'm learning to live with it, I have masking down to a science and I know how to distract myself. The anxiety is still very present and the intense depression greets me with every day's beginning. Life was a bit tough for me to begin with but death isn't an option this early in my life and so I take the "advice" I was given; "Live with it"

      I'm going to see an ENT november 5th, with medicaid you are basically treated as a second-class citizen so this was very difficult to get! I don't know what exactly to expect. Ultimately I've figured out the exact cause of this wretched noise and know to avoid it. I'm still amazed at how little the world of medicine knows of this ailment, curse what have you..

      I must say I appreciate this website for all it has done and all that it is doing, it certainly has saved many lives.

      I've been taking magnesium supplements as well as lipo-flavanoids.. Not entirely sure if they do anything whatsoever.
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      Who Knows
      Keep us posted. Good Luck
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      Goodluck with your ENT appointment, although I dont know many of us who have gained alot of help from them.
      Glad to hear that you know the cause and are working to avoid any further damage :)

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