27 Years and Stopped Counting — Well Sort of...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lily pink, Sep 22, 2016.

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      bang on back of head ( I think )
      hi all , I think my tinnitus started after I banged the back of my head on a shelf , I was slightly concussed and it started soon afterwards. I guess by now I accept that nothing much is likely to change. I still read all the advertising that promises miracle cures though .... who knows maybe it takes a miracle to sort it out. haven't yet spent any money on Tinnitus Terminator or similar - mostly because he can't pronounce tinnitus although that may just be the English/ American thing.

      I only told friends that I had tinnitus a couple of years ago - if you haven't had it you can't possibly understand the constant draining effect and it's too boring to try to explain. plus - it makes me seem lacking in some way..know what I mean?

      a Bientot

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      I know exactly what you mean about explaining about T. My friend only yesterday said to me she had a friend who had tinnitus, and often felt suicidal. I don't want people to think that's how I feel, as I don't, true, it's horrendously loud sometimes, and I moan a lot, but unless you have actually got it, you can't understand the explanation. I'm also in the UK. The pronunciation of tinnitus (we Brits say it without the hard final i), like tin-it-us rather than Tin-i-tus, rather threw me at first. It's ok now though, I'm used to it. The best person to listen to saying it the USA way is the lovely Will-i-am.

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