5 Months and It's Almost Gone!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Minh Hoang, Mar 16, 2016.

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      Hi everybody,

      Was 5 months since I joined this forum, I was very scared in first month. But now, after 5 month and 5 days, it almost gone. I can hear it if i try to hear in dead silence.

      My story begin at 12/10/2015, after i wakeup. In first month, i was scared and always think about it. I saw doctor but she say nothing to worry and learn to forgot it, but im cant. At first I was only left ear, after 1 month is both ears.

      I tried all treatment, use Vitamin, fresh food, HBOT. After 3 month, the situation is still no effect. I'm tired, but I did not give up, I tried the all drug and then gradually it has 1 little effect.

      I tried last treatment, it is Electric Acupuncture. I go to the clinic every day, 1 hour per day and 5 days per week . After 1 month, my T (5/10) decrease to (1/10), I stopped after 2 months of treament. After that, i tried to forget it, and now i can confidently say that it is disappearing day by day. My right ear was almost fully cured, and can hear T in left ear about 0,01/10.

      Now, details what was my Tinnitus like and how I treated it.
      T started: 12/10/2015
      Duration: 5 months
      T type: at first moth, only left ear have high pitched ringing and no hearing loss , after 1st month it was in both.

      1st month : At this time i always think about it, and crying - anxiety attacks -
      2nd Month: I looking for answers and tried all drug and HBOT, but no effect.
      3rd month: Tried Electric Acupuncture , and after 2 week with this, my T was very static - just like when a TV is on (like old CRT TVs).
      4th month: just like the TV but very very quiet, barely noticeable, but T still in both 2 ears.
      5th month: I dont know how describe, it's still here but very quiet and i need try to hear when in dead silence, but only in the left ear, right ear almost full recover.

      Treating it with :

      *Drug :
      1. Piracetam 800mg. 3 tablets per day/ 1 at each meal.
      2. ZinC 50mg : 1 tablet per day. - I think it is most importal
      3. Stugeron 25mg : 3 tablets per day/ 1 at each meal.
      4. Neurobin : 2 tablets per day/ 1 at each meal.


      At First and 2nd Month i used HBOT but it is not very effective.

      After that i used Electric Acupuncture. 1 hour per day and 5 days per week.

      + Nasal wash with warm saline 2 times per day, like that :
      Nasaline - Nasal Irrigator

      *And last thing : Exercise - Train your physical and your mind. Dont always thing about it.

      I hope haven't forgot to mention something. I just want to say that you dont give up , try to exercise, eat fresh food, relax or do something to forget it.

      So all of it, I hope all of you have courage crossed it. Now I'm still trying every day to be able to fully recover. Hope all you so.
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      I also tried acupuncture from a Chinese traditional medicine guy where he hooked up the zapper, as I call it lol, but only did 2 sessions. Maybe I should do more and keep trying. Think I might make an apt tomorrow.
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      @Ecip, you must persevere. I use this therapy in 2 months consecutive, 5 seasons/week, 1hour/per day. After first month, you will see it have effective.
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