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      Well, after months of lurking I figured I should finally make an account and get involved in the tinnitus community, since it's clear my tinnitus isn't planning on going away. I have had tinnitus for just over half a year now, and it is by far the worst medical condition I have ever had to deal with.

      Here's my story. I'm 23, male. I've always been a healthy guy, I'd say. Never had any serious health problems in my life...until this year. In February, 2013, myself and a friend of mine went on a spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was a typical all-inclusive trip for students, you go and get drunk all day and party every night. And it was good fun, at least until things went bad. Part of this package includes a 5 night clubbing package, where you get to go to a different nightclub each night. The first thing I noticed when I got to the first club was how ridiculously loud it is. I don't know what the deal is with Mexico, but they really don't give a damn about your ears - they just want to pump out the noise as loud as they possibly can to attract customers. Night after night I went to these clubs, and each one was almost unbearably loud. I still don't understand how the loud noise didn't seem to bother anyone else. At one point, I was so desperate for earplugs (which I couldn't find anywhere in that country), I stuffed kleenex in my ears in an attempt to create makeshift earplugs. It kind of worked, but then ironically the kleenex got stuck deep in my ears and I couldn't get it out. I spent the rest of the trip and the flight back home with throbbing pain in my ears, and unable to hear much of anything. Finally back home in Canada I was able to see a doctor who flushed the kleenex out and told me that the ringing in my ears would go away soon. So I waited, and waited...but it didn't go away. Before this whole incident, I never even knew what tinnitus is, so when I found out that it might be permanent I started to freak out. I went from doctor to doctor to doctor, and each one seemed to give me a different answer. One thought I had an ear infection. One thought I had meniere's disease. When I finally got to the ENT who I waited months to see, he gave me a hearing test and found that instead of having hearing loss like most tinnitus sufferers, I had perfect hearing, and as such there was basically nothing he could do.

      That was 6 months ago, and every other medical practitioner I have seen since then has invariably told me the same thing: that there is nothing they can do. And I've gotten tired of hearing that, so I have come here, to see if maybe there is something that I can do. I'm willing to try just about anything at this point: drugs, transcranial magnetic stimulation, neuromodulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you name it. If anyone has any advice on where I should get started, I'd be grateful.
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      Hey @Mitch

      Welcome, well i can understand how painful it is, mine is a similar story i ahve had no illness, not even flu from since when i was 7, i am basically very healthy dont drink, dont smoke, nothing....eyt i caught T only bcoz i love music and listened to it while travelling and at night to relax after the days hard work. I never even went clubbing and whenever i listened to music it was at reasonable levels, never blasted my ears out as it were, only comfortable levels. yet the fact is I have T.

      I guess what i am getting at is that first accept it that you have T ( i know thats the worst any 1 can tell you and proabably the hardest thing you're gonna have to do) But i'll say its possible. Use masking sounds the player in this site is good, use some natural suppliments like b vitamins, chamomile tea , have something to boost your ATP levels like DHA or even D ribose L cystene ( i am curently using ribocene), Vitamin C and E (E you can have like alternate since you're young). try coconut water. Do excersise and try meditation or Yoga if you can (not every ones cup of tea i know)......All the above is only going to help you become healthy.

      for sleep, yo can try very low doses of melatonin (only if you're having trouble sleeping) or just have white noise or something that masks your T playing

      Even i am new and yes i am having a hard time too....considering the fact that i have a very very responsible job and etheres lots of pressure.

      the one thing in your favour is that you are young and probably have a very good chance of healing, just give it time and try and avoid noisy places, loud music or atleast take breaks (even if it means listening to your T).

      You could try HBOT, at worst it will not do anything but if it helps hey who knows.....i've been doing HBOT completed 10 sessions yesterday, it helped me (I think....a bit) and it might help you. do remember to take a strong dose of anti-oxidents though. you can try and get your T frequency using this link

      you can try audionotch, although i have tried and the benefits are limited, if you have a single tone it prbably will benefit you more, ACRN also might work again depending on your T .

      well i hope you get cured, best of luck and KEEP FIGHTING nad hang in there


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