61-Year-Old Male with Constant Dual Ear Streaming 24/7 with Hearing Loss Too!

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      I wake up each day with tinnitus in both ears. The only time I feel any relief, is when the sounds around me are louder than the streaming hissing sound in my ears. However, I have hearing loss. This causes issues with watching TV with others. For me to hear the programs, I must turn up the volume. This makes in uncomfortable for other viewers. The only place I seem to have relief is when in a movie theater. The volume is usually so high that I can not stand it but I hear the words spoken. At home (watching TV) when there is background music in the background, the voices are difficult for me to understand. Also, when someone speaks in a very low baritone voice, I have difficulty understanding. A good friend of mine has such a voice. I hardly ever understand what he says. It gets frustrating for me and him. I am constantly asking him to repeat what he said. My wife is at her wit end. She likes peace and quiet. I do not blame her. But I can not get any enjoyment out of a program if I can not hear it over my TINNITUS. So, I have been training myself to read lips to help understand what someone said. So, far, I have no problem sleeping. I am able to do that without my tinnitus bothering me.

      I am a 61 year old male. I smoked cigarettes most of my life and drink coffee. I have researched my tinnitus and found most of the suggested treatments involve eliminating coffee and nicotine from my life. I no longer smoke cigarettes but do use electric vapor cigarettes and I feel so much better. I have reduced my coffee intake to 2 cups per day from 6 or more. I have eliminated aspirin from my headache treatment plan and in most cases take nothing at all, unless it is very severe.

      My tinnitus cause is unknown, however, I have been a drummer since I was 16. Yes, I liked my music loud and yes I played loud. So, I feel that is where my hearing loss stems from. But the tinnitus only came on partially during different times of the day and would go away. Not always in both ears at once, but some times in one and then in the other. But it never was constant in both ears 24/7 as it is now. I have tried simple remedies and have tried hearing devices. However, hearing devices seem to increase the constant streaming in my ears. It helped me hear TV and conversations, but amplified all of the other noises too. So, I gave up on that. When I removed my hearing devices, my tinnitus was worse and louder. Or it felt that way.

      I have tried yoga, relaxation and some over the counter remedies. I have tried using a vibrating wand that created a buzzing sound which I am able to use to train my brain to mask my tinnitus. It also increases blood flow by massaging all aspects of my ear. However, this is only a temporary solution. It does not cure but it does sooth temporarily and it gives me some peace.

      I have days when my tinnitus in one ear is louder than the other. But my tinnitus does not vary. It is the same sound day in and day out in both ears. It is like having a constant high pitch whistle being blown in both ears at the same time. Recently, I have noticed a humming sound which is very low pitched in the background of my high pitched tinnitus. I do not hear it constantly, but it is there. Maybe I have had it all along, but never noticed it before. The other day, when I was in a quiet environment, I noticed the low tone humming in both ears. I think I heard this only because I am using some calming techniques to relax. I also noticed that when I have tinnitus in one ear more than the other, I hear the hum.

      I am hear not to find a cure but I am hear to seek some relief. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. God Bless.
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      Hi jpnh ,just a word to say hello and welcome to TT ,your story makes sad reading .Im sure the TT members will be able to help in whatever way possible.hope you've read through the threads. Plenty of info ,to soak up and make notes as I do .i know more now than what I've ever done ,since joining TT ,lots of support and any question they can help with ,they will know the answer. Or put you on the right thread .
      Best wishes ,all in this T condition together .God Bless
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      jpnh, like you my tinnitus is the result of long exposure to loud noises (years exposed to weapons firing and construction equipment) and like you it is a struggle to communicate. I had hearing loss when my Lovely Bride and I met and married over 40 years ago. It has been especially rough on her because she has always had exceptionally good hearing. You state that you also have hearing loss. Do you wear hearing aids?

      I ask this because I first started wearing H/A's about 10 years ago and I have noticed that it has had a positive impact on my T. I still have T but it is now very mild and infrequent. I don't know if it would have the same results for you but it might be worth checking into. Good luck.

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