65-Year-Old Man Suffering with Sjogrens, Sudden Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in My Right Ear

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      65 year old man suffering with Sjogrens, sudden hearing loss and Tinnitus in my right ear for 7-8 years. Over time I had become acclimated to the Tinnitus. Very expensive hearing aids with 6"masking channels" also helped. In the past 6 months Sjogrens has become the real enemy as my condition is worsening. Three weeks ago I woke up with what I imagine was a second bout of Sudden Hearing Loss. Again, the initial one was many years ago. And,,,,,the Tinnitus has gone from something I had become quite comfortable to off the charts and totally unbearable. Years ago I tried high doses of Prednisone which was of no help and sent my Heart into a severe case of Atrial Fibrilation. Given that I can not tolerate systemic Steroids my ENT started me on Steroid ear injections two weeks ago. Two more treatments this time around. Time will tell if it is helpful.

      I am a fortunate man with a terrific wife and a large family but all of this is really tough.
      I was most pleased when I found this site. Best to each of you.

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      Welcome. I hope your treatment gives good results for you.

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