A Few Questions (Reactive Tinnitus?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Luvkitties, Dec 31, 2015.

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      I am new to T for about 4 months now. It was giving me good days and bad days but suddenly I am not getting the days when it lowered to low buzzing.....it's been four days now and it's screaming away like a tea kettle with no relief. My question is it common for it to "not like" something like running water....I can see it getting bad when it hears loud noises but when I am trying to do dishes it starts going off louder to the water running. This is such a strange thing to happen to me. I am suffering so much as I try to figure out why it changes at certain sounds. I also get panic attacks when I am not thinking about it at all.....watching tv and I will suddenly get hot all over and my neck tightens up and it cranks up and stays that way. It is fighting me all the way......how can I ignore it and get used to it when it attacks my whole body. I do try to do all the right things.......eat healthy but when I do my speed walking it spikes up.........whenever my heart beat goes up so does the T. If I get the slightest upset it cranks up......will I have to spend the rest of my life being so very careful of everything I do....right now it feels like that.....so I am scared.
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      Welcome to TT. Sad to welcome any new people to the forum though.

      Do you know the reason of your T? How did it start in the first place? There are a lot of suggestions in the forums, read the followings if you haven't done so. If you had, read again, reading the success stories over and over again helped me a great deal. It at least takes the edges of the anxiety coming free with T.


      It might be wise to do something about Reactive T or Hyperacousis. Take a look into Keppra thread;

      Do not scare yourself with disaster stories. Vast majority of the people suffering from T somehow get used to it. I have T for ~3 months and the panic attacks and depression are gone already. Right now trying to kill the remaining piece of anxiety.

      BTW, i'm living in Kirkland and there's a support group for T sufferers. I've participated in one meeting and it helped me a lot seeing a lot of people with the condition like mine living a normal life. PM me your email if you're interested.

      Take care.
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      Hi @Luvkitties ,
      I feel like I am being transported back two years when I read your posts. I so remember feeling how you feel....just so unbelievably afraid.
      I think you are right. T does attack your whole body, especially during those early months. That's important to recognize. Doctors and others will tell you to try to ignore and habituate but you are not really in the driver's seat early on. Your body is reacting. Your limbic system is freaking out! My body does not react that way any longer. I don't feel stuck in that fight or flight mode now.

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