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      This forum looks fantastic!

      Great job!

      I've had tinnitus for just over a year (started in the right ear) ... but it got worse about 5 months ago and is now in both ears. I believe loud noise is the culprit.
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      I agree - the Website looks really well-designed and user-friendly, and I hope it will be a success.
      My tinnitus started just over six months ago (left ear). No discernible cause. Can't say that it has destroyed my life but it has certainly changed it pretty dramatically in a number of ways. Not yet habituated but hopefully getting there slowly but surely.
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      No discernible cause is common I think. I can tell you that my doctor doesn't believe for a second that one could get tinnitus from basic ear syringing.

      Well, that's the only plausible thing that could have caused mine and since then I've read from credible sources (like RNID's leaflet) that sometimes, although rarely, tinnitus can emerge after ear syringing. The reason for this is not known since the loudness of syringing doesn't explain it (not loud enough to cause T).

      But yeah, my situation is pretty different from CPT's, I have discernible cause even though not one doctor has believed it could be possible. :-D

      Regarding mesonic's history, isn't it quite common that tinnitus might start from one ear and then later on move to the other one too. Not cool, as if one ringing ear wasn't enough, but seems to happen. :(

      All the best to you both,
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