A Little Bit Worried — I Came Back From a Gig a Few Days Ago...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ebony, Dec 17, 2014.

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      Hey guys!
      I came back from a gig a few days ago and my left ear just hasn't stopped ringing since, I've been to the doctor and she said that it would go away after a few weeks but a lot of the research I've done on T doesn't really suggest that it will go away and I'm a bit worried? I'm positive about the fact that it has faded significantly since I first came home after the concert but I feel sad as I hardly go to concerts and this has happened to me :(

      I'm having real trouble sleeping at this stage if anyone had anything helpful that I can possibly do to make night times easier :/

      Thanks, Ebony x
    2. BobDigi
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      Loud noise
      Hi mate. Put a fan on. It seems to be the preferred masker. And if you're on your own, leave the TV on or some quiet relaxing music.
      Best thing in my opinion is a pillow speaker. Especially if you sleep in bed with someone. Attach it to your phone or tablet and find something on you tube. Weather a relaxing noise, sound of nature, noise of a waterfall, hypnotherapy or even a TV/ film.
      I personally listen to a tv programme called QI. Interesting and you don't need to watch it, just listen.
      Also try leaving a bathroom extractor fan on. Or window open etc. Trial and error mate.
      It's a good sign your tinnitus has reduced in volume.
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      Noise exposition-noise trauma-siren
      Maybe it´s just a temporary thing.Don´t stress to much.It´s normal the ears ringing after a long exposure to loud noise.After a week if this doesn´t go away then you should worry.Next time protect your ears,but i believe that was enough to light a red sign in future exposures , right?
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      Well that's calming.

      @ebony It may go down, it may not. It's just a case of waiting to see. I was exactly the same as you. It came on after a concert and it's still here to this day. But it is more common for it to fade away. Just a waiting game I'm afraid. The advice from @BobDigi is very good. Great TV show as well.
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      Ear Infection
      I used an app called "white noise lite" at the beginning and mixed crickets, stream, wind and thunderstorm... I'd also listen to Enya... Both helped me sleep through the early stages.

      I don't want to scare you, but stay busy, busy, busy and start researching a plan B. Some folks have had luck with the AM-101 trials and you only have a 3 month window to get on from onset.
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      Acoustic trauma (club drumming)
      Get some prednisone steroid from your GP. Immediately.

      n-acetylcysteine and alpha lipoic acid supplements wouldn't hurt.
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