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      Sorry for just gushing about my personal qualms everywhere. This being so new and "life threatening" has got me crazy. If I need to take these posts somewhere else/am posting in the wrong spot, let me know!

      Well, idk if any of you have read my experiences so far, but I've had tinnitus for almost two weeks now, and had gone to the specialists yesterday. They found nothing, no hearing loss at all. I have extreme anxiety and depression issues, that have gotten a lot worse lately, and they said that might be the cause. So I was wondering, is tinnitus more likely to go away if there's no signs of hearing loss? I'm going to be getting on antidepressants tomorrow. But should I hold onto hope that it'll disappear when my stress goes down, or even just at all?
      Last night I had read this, that someone here posted http://www.tinnitus.org.au/Management/focus.aspx
      And all of the links under that Management box. I've been doing endless hours of research on tinnitus ever since I got it, trying to get a hold of any info that could help me, and this stood out the most. It was so "real" to me. It seems to have the best advice for coping and accepting. It hurt to me, to really actually realize this may be permanent, but maybe that's what I have to do. I woke up this morning, so depressed though, that this is probably going to be part of my life. My emotions flip-flop so much, at times hopeful, and others just giving up. How can I stabilize myself? All of the people in my life tell me to not give up, there's got to be something, it could be a jaw issue cause of my overbite, I can fix that, or a pinched nerve in my back, or mainly just when I get on medication. I'm scared of having that hope though, cause when it doesn't work, it's going to be crushing, and the only other thing I can do is habituate, and I want to do that as soon as possible.

      I don't know, again sorry for the novel, I'm just so emotionally volatile, and want to know what I should do. Any thoughts?
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      Amm12, This may sound odd but when I gave up hope that my tinnitus would disappear my acceptance of it became much easier.

      I am not saying you should give up hope. But (subject to what your specialist tells you), you may not have much control over whether it stays or goes. When I was constantly hoping it would go away, I was always trying to determine if it was fading, or if there were any other signs of attenuation. That took a lot of energy and attention.

      I've had my T for 10 and 1/2 months now, and I'm pretty sure I'll have it the rest of my life. If by some miracle it fades, great, but I've long since given up hope that it will.

      Hopefully yours will abate. But if not, you have many years ahead, and you will be fine once you habituate. It's hard to imagine that now - but one way or another, you will be free of tinnitus - it will either go away, or it will no longer have a hold over you. So either way, you'll get there.
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