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Discussion in 'Support' started by Bill W., Sep 26, 2016.

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      I've only had T less than two years. It started in my left ear & than began losing my hearing in that ear. Then I became deaf in that ear and got cross over devices to transfer sound from my left side over to my good ear on the right. I often thought I better not lose hearing in my right ear or I'll really be screwed. Sure enough, my right ear started up with T & now have very limited hearing in my right ear. By the way I'll be 63 in a couple of days and have always had excellent hearing. About five years ago I had a stem cell transplant and had massive doses of chemotherapy. The ENT that I went to told me the chemo was a direct cause for what has happened. "The gift that keeps on giving."

      Anyway, the T on my left is a steady hum, although when it first began it was pulsatile. On my right the T is pulsatile. Over the last couple of weeks I now have 'a new noise' which seems to emit from somewhere in between. It is not a steady hum or anything pulsatile. Instead it is very random sounding. When I say random I mean the sound is constant but the beats are all over the place. It's hard to describe but its a bit like bongo drums or maybe a tap dripping. This morning when I first got up it was very loud. Since then it has quieted down. Either that or I've just gotten used to it. NOW here's the thing. I can make this bongo sound go away by shaking my head violently. Obviously I can't walk around shaking my head. Has anyone else experienced this or even heard of it?

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