A Subtle Ghost — Short Documentary by Julia Casal

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      Barking dogs/stress
      First-hand accounts of the experience of tinnitus. This is the kind of film they should be showing in schools, so that younger people can be made aware of tinnitus. It isn't a happy-go-lucky kind of film, but it isn't all doom-and-gloom either.

      I particularly like the account by the young woman who began meditating right away, and who has now accepted tinnitus as a part of who she is, instead of thinking she can fight it. She may eventually tune it out altogether.

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      Possibly Wax blockage+stress and other (?)
      Thank you for your kind comments: :) I took part in this project and when I see myself nearly 3 years later, I feel hopeful because I've come a long way since the days of mental and emotional torture as a result of this blight (that no one understands, I'm still not comfortable talking about it to family or let alone friends at Uni!). I feel incredibly inspired when I read all the stories of people who've also got Tinnitus, and who truly want to get better at habituation - All I can say is that for me personally, time was my only 'healer'. Best, Cecilia x
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      Hearing loss ?
      Very good documentary and thanks for bringing this out and taking part in it!
      I'm going to show it to my family.
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