A Very Complete and Informative Video on Tinnitus by Dr. Ken Landow

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bartoli, Apr 20, 2020.

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      I found this video to be so complete, informative, and non-biased that I wanted to share it with you. I wish I'd had a doctor explain it to me like that at the start. The guy's so incredibly old-school in a good way it's a charm.

      On a side note, don't know if he's reading an autocue, but he's so eloquent on the the subject and so fluent I'm in awe from that alone. Hope you enjoy!
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      Loud music - noise damage
      You can see from his eye movements that he's reading it from a teleprompter.
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      To Barotoli:

      Thanks ever so much for locating and posting this. This is unequalled in knowledgeability, assessment of etiology, causation, a consideration of the whole gamut of variable characteristics, and a bluntly realistic assessment of all of the peripherally, marginally effective, widely touted "treatments" that have been ballyhooed by numerous quacks.

      His presentational style is very engaging and persuasive. I only wish I had had the opportunity to view this before I spent $5,269.00 on Desyncra; he comments that you should receive "a second opinion" when considering such "revolutionary" new treatments (and I'll wager that this would include his assessment of Lenire).

      He also makes a very forthright assessment of the serious limitations of TRT. His assessment of the only partial effectiveness of hearing aids is the best I have yet encountered.

      In conclusion:

      Good News: In only 27 minutes he exhaustively covered the truly impressive, current state of all of the medical / anatomical / physiological knowledge regarding tinnitus, as well as all of the false starts towards a cure.

      Bad News: There is still not a f___king real discovery that would create an approach to any genuinely practicable drug and/or method of sound reduction.

      However, with this much analysis perhaps we can be very much more confident than in the past that such a breakthrough discovery will suddenly be revealed.

      Once again, the sheer laughable rhetoric of Julian Cowan Hill is indicated when compared to this Doctor's erudition.
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