A Very Special Theory Explaining at Least Some Kinds of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Eusebius, Jul 14, 2016.

    1. Eusebius

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      special issues
      Hi there !

      I´d like to give you some special information here. Though most of you will probably judge my thoughts as nonsense. Some of you might even get aggressive towards me. But well, it might be helpful, so I try, can´t help it.

      Let´s say I´m stating some kind of a "theory" here. I´m not saying I know what I´m saying but I might anyway and it doesn´t matter if I do or not.

      The human body, especially the human brain is some kind of a "radio (TV) station" capable to hear (see) different kinds of frequencies in the atmosphere. This is a big secret and for now still absolutely unknown to science. The atmosphere is not just filled up with stuff from human sources. There are many other "things" out there, we don´t know about, yet.

      So if you hear something it might be of such a "real" quality, not a "brain malfunction" or sickness but just a more developed "brain sound receiver". It means you might hear something in existance, that most other people could also hear but can not due to their lack of development in that special kind of "skill". In fact the majority of people will hear something if they try to dive into the silence but most people never do and if something is heard it is unconscious or not taken serious or just seen as a disturbance.

      In fact this is the most fascinating human capability. Listening to such "spherical sounds" is not just "some kind of fun" or "game" since it has serious effects on all parts of a human being, the body, the mind, the spirit and even the soul. Those can be very bad or the opposite.

      Sound can be heard from all directions and have all known and unknown characteristics. They can be monotone or melodic, static or continously changing, of any type like jazz, rock, classic, electronic whatever or even other types absolutely unkown.

      At first stage of development sounds normally come from left and/or right side. But they may also come from front, above etc. or move from a side to the forehead, top of the head until the listener unifies with them. If they are very strong they will lead to so called "out of body experiences".

      The most important thing here is, that the sounds carry energy. Listening not just means to listen but to be filled up with energy, too. This subtile energy can have any effect one could imagine, positive or negative. Normally sounds from the left side affect the ego. They can make us feel stronger, push creativity, increase sexual activities but also push down, make depressive, aggressive, sad, weak and very sick, which is normally the case. Sounds from the right side normally have a very positive effect on us, calming us down, making us peaceful, feel happy and lucky. They can heal many kinds of deseases. Sounds from forehead or top can be either positive or negative, this might be difficult to find out.

      Sounds from the left can also be bad influences in our lives and we should be acting very carefully if they get too strong. On the other hand sounds from the right can mean positive things are in our lives and luck is on its way.

      If you think this might be true and have questions or just want to talk about it further, feel free to write a pm.
      If you think this is bs, I am sorry, no offence. Just forget it.
    2. The Red Viper

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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      So those of us with T are actually hearing signals from aliens?

      Also, my T is in my right ear, so does that make what I'm hearing positive? If the last 5 months are any indication, things actually got worse for me before they even started to settle down...
    3. AUTHOR

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      more than 20 years
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      special issues
      What does your T sound like ?

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