A Video on How SILENCE Affects People

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dubbyaman, May 11, 2016.

    1. Dubbyaman

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      Excessive loud noise
    2. Song interpreter

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      Too much noise
      I remember staying at a friend's house in the high desert in California. It was so quiet and dark. I could hear and feel my heart beat. Much the same as the experience recorded here. This was before tinnitus. It's actually a part of how I know when it started! It took a while to fall asleep. I was used to listening to the cars on the parkway half a mile away and other small, quiet night noises of my neighborhood. But this was so totally quiet! A bit unnerving.

      But, how is it for the Deaf! It's always quiet for them! Unless they have the ringing too. I know a couple that the only sound they hear is ringing...
    3. linearb

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      we're not wired to deal with zero perceptual input. the nervous system will find something to express.

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