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    1. I am a 56 year old male who has suffered from tinnitus for about 15 years. It started when I was swinging my five four old son (he is now 24) and I was trying to save our pet rabbit from getting anihilated. The swing came up and hit me in the jaw and I had severe but temporary pain in both ears. However, a few days later I noticed this high pitch ringing in my ears. I went to an ear specialist and he said there was not much he could do. They did make a masking device that I stuck in my ear but that eventually broke. I have coped mainly by masking the nose through music or white noise. Lately it has been getting worse so I tried Lipo-Flavonoid. I tried it for two months and my tinnitus got better and so I stopped taking it. A couple of weeks ago it came back with a vengence. So I started taking it again but it continues with intensity. The last two days have been really bad and I am getting desperate. I went online and was almost ready to buy Thomas Coleman's book when I found this sight and most did not recommend buying the book. Help. What do I do?
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      Are you going through a stressful period in general, aside from the T?

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