Accidentally Turned on Car Stereo at Full Volume

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sean, Jul 3, 2014.

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      Hello All ,
      I am on my trip visiting sisters family and I turned on car stereo at a loud volume ..I lowered it in 2-3 seconds .
      This was yesterday around 6:00 pm and my T has spiked !
      Any one with similar experience ??i am on vacation and I am posting this shit ! Not having fun -:(
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      Forgot to mention that I was wearing ear plugs !imagine if I didn't .it was not fit in too tightly but I was wearing it .
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      In my personal experience there is a huge mental component to spikes after exposure to a loud noise. Your brain refocuses on the T because you are worried that its gotten worse. In most cases it hasnt actually gottten worse. But if it did, it's likely a temporary increase. I doubt that such a quick exposure would cause a spike, even without plugs.
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      High cholestoral, stress, inflammation, diabetes
      Nothing that a good nights rest wont fix. This is exactly the reason I advise not wearing headphones again once you've developed T because accidents do and will happen.

      Hope your T calms down and try to be more careful next time.

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