Acoustic Injury... Anybody?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Piotr, Sep 29, 2015.

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      Hello again,

      In my previous post I wrote that I have been struggling with hyperacusis in my left ear for the last 5 weeks. Last week I visited a TRT specialist in Warsaw and she told me that I haven't got phonofobia, misophonia, hearing loss and even my LDL is not so bad (according to the test results). She recommended to use generators (which I can't afford now) and gradually increase the level of sound. I couldn't explain to her that it's mostly the frequency/percussive nature/suddennes of sound that causes me a great nerve discomfort and ear fullness (sometimes pain). I feel like I had my ear "filter" removed. Why would I gradually increase volume of generator (this mythic desensitization) when I can fully tolerate its loudest sound? Doesn't this process work anyway, just by functioning normally? She said that if I suffered from hyperacusis 3 years ago and it eventually went away/faded I can hope that this will improve once again but... I feel so desperate sometimes. It's 5 weeks and I haven't got the ghost of improvement yet. Has anyone here suffered from an acoustic injury, got hyperacusis and recovered from it eventually? I think that I just need to hear some positive stories or experiences to believe stronger.

      Best wishes to all of you!
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      What you describe are common symptoms of acoustic trauma. In many cases people here find it does subside after a while.

      It's definitely a slow process though. Limit your sound exposure from now on.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Great description of it. Perfect summation.

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