Acquired Tinnitus After Fixing ETD/Acoustic Shock?

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      Acoustic Trauma? Neck... somethings????
      Hello! I'm silentnight ^_^;;

      I'll try to keep this short and simple:
      • 2 years ago I had an acoustic shock from a loud high school band performance. It resulted in chronic ear fullness in my right ear. Audiologist and ETD specialist found no solution.
      • ~4 months ago I accidentally fixed my ear fullness on a whim by closing my mouth, pinching my nose, blowing on my ears, and swallowing, which somehow equalized the pressure for good (i was ecstatic about this!).
      • A couple weeks later, I started noticing a high pitched buzzing/hissing sound coming from my right ear, which I never noticed when I had ear fullness. It sounds like static and feels like there's a small amount of audio distortion.
      I've been suffering with this for the past 4 months now, although I've noticed some things about it:
      • It feels like it gets quieter and less buzzy when I'm distracted or really relaxed, like some nights when I'm about to fall asleep (other nights it does feel really loud when I'm trying to fall asleep, but that may be correlated with my stress levels).
      • I can make a similar sound happen on the left side of my ear by tensing it and trying to listen for it.
        • After doing this recently I feel like I can hear the same static and distortion on that side even when I'm not tensing on it, which makes me suspect that I've been subconsciously putting strain or tenseness on my right side's ear muscles or neck muscles to cause the static to become permanent on that side.
      • I had a massage recently and was told that my neck muscles on my right side were a lot tighter than my left's, and perhaps that there was some unevenness of how I hold my head too? The massage didn't help with the tinnitus even after the neck muscles were supposedly loosened up.
      • Chamomile tea and Magnesium oil sometimes help, but that may be due to their relaxing effect or placebo effect and not because of their muscle relaxant effect or something (or maybe both!).
      • When I tilt my head to the right, the tinnitus on the right side nearly fades but "moves" to the left side, although to a quieter degree.
      • When I tilt to the left, the tinnitus on the right side gets extra tinnitus "added onto" it. perhaps due to the extra strain I'm putting on my right side?
      • I met with a maxillo-whatever specialist and based on my CT scan, my TMJ is perfectly fine, my jaw is completely symmetrical and all that so I don't think it's due to that.
      It gets worse with a lack of sleep.

      I don't know what's causing it (subconscious neck/ear tension is my current hypothesis) but I don't know what to do. Any ideas? I'm desperate and curious to learn more, especially from anyone who has similar symptoms.

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