Addressing Hyperinsulinemia with a Low Carbohydrate Diet

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      According to this ENT, there is a link with hyperinsulinemia and tinnitus , see discussion here:
      Kenneth Brookler New York Aug 2015

      If that is the case, a long term low carbohydrate diet (diet to treat diabetes) would also be of great benefits. If you want that checked with your doctor, make sure you have an insulin test (KRAFT) and not a glucose tolerance test.

      Why? See the beginning of this talk:
      KRAFT - Father of the Insulin Assay

      Hope that helps someone else.

      I've started eating low carbs with intermittent fasting (just a loaded term meaning I eat my breakfast later) and it's improving. Not just the tinnitus but also energy levels.

      If you try this. please do me a favour and write a reply to this post. I'm really interested to see if that benefits others.

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      Low-carb is great for energy. It's good for the mind.
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