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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike C., Jan 22, 2015.

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      Hello all, this is my first post and I'd really appreciate your advice/help. I've had tinnitus since 1999 after going to a rock concert. I've lived with it for the past 15 years really with no problems. The first few months I noticed but after that I would hear it every once and awhile but it didn't bother me. In early Nov (2014) I started having bad headaches and my tinnitus went through the roof. I was freaked out! I went to an ENT and he said it was because of poor sleep.

      After two months I went to my GP and it turns out he thinks I have a sinus infection based on how my headaches feel. He gave me Fluticasone and I've been feeling better. Ears still ringing higher than before but getting better. Pressure in my head is decreasing. Now the problem is I'm getting ready to fly in a few days so I'm trying to prepare myself. I have EarPlanes (earplugs), Afrin, sugar free candy, big water bottle, gum, Saline nasal spray and I bought Mucinex pressure & pain pills. My headaches feel like there is a lot of pressure in my head.

      But I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews on decongestants. Some say they help lower tinnitus and some say they make tinnitus worse.

      I don't plan on using them often just to get through the trip this weekend. I am feeling better and don't want to take a step.

      Any advice on decongestants and if they are good or bad for tinnitus. Also I've heard good and bad about Saline nasal sprays as well.

      Any thoughts. Thank you for your help / advice.
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      I don't think using decongestants for a little bit will make your tinnitus permanently worse. If it has any effect at all, it will be clearing up your sinuses a bit so that your ears can pop and drain. I'd be more concerned about that than what taking a decongestant for a little bit will do to you. I think you'll be fine... I fly all the time and it doesn't bother my tinnitus. I just pop my ears a lot. Although, I would be a bit concerned if I had a cold or something and I couldn't pop my ears. Welcome to the forum!
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      Power Tools

      Anyone else have any thoughts regarding decongestants?

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