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Discussion in 'Support' started by John G, Mar 3, 2016.

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      Hi everyone. I got results from a hearing test that I had done yesterday. I posted these results in someone elses thread,so I thought I should rather make my own thread instead.

      I just want to get some opinions on these results. It looks like a simple hearing test I had done. I was told I have hearing loss in my left ear. My ENT is now going to setup an appointment to get some type of MRI done. He said the MRI would show if there is any damage.

      This is one sheet test results but I suck at taking pictures with my phone,so there is two pics of that test.

      Any thoughts on my test would be appreciated,because I have no clue as to what everything is. Thanks

      20160302_135436.jpg 20160302_135227.jpg
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      ... at left ear you have a mild or moderate hearing loss , at the frecuency of 4khz , ( like 3khz to 4khz) there it shows a notch . on right ear seems normal . 3-4khz notch in general is for sound damage . classical is fire arm shooting when one see 4khz deep notch . any way is mild or moderate . just my opinion , thats all the info .

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