Aetiological Causes of Reversible Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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      I thought it was not useful to post this publication in the "Research News" section but also thought it was more useful to post it in this section since a lot of newbies (who are most of the time anxious) could be reassured if they fall into one of the categories described. Eventually, this thread could be pinned.

      Aetiological Causes Of Reversible Sensorineural Hearing Loss

      The vast majority of sensorineural hearing loss cases are irreversible. However there is a significant proportion of cases in which the hearing loss recovers. A knowledge of the aetiological causes of reversible sensorineural deafness cases can allow early diagnosis and correct treatment to be implemented. The purpose of this article is to review the documented literature on the aetiological causes of reversible sensorineural hearing loss.

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