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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lovelyhead, Jun 29, 2015.

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      I have been to an outdoor festival, only went to 3 nights out of 4.. and mostly hung around the food area, away from the stages... but last night (final night) everybody crowded to watch Prodigy (who were so loud) and I couldn't really move! I thought I'd just brave it out, obviously wearing earplugs, and stood towards the back, but the bass was so loud! I don't know how others managed without plugs!

      Anyway, it's the next day and my ears are so sensitive to all sounds and even when there are no sounds they feel really weird like rumbling? I don't know, but I'm so scared I've done more damage. And really angry with myself, I've been so cautious for so long and thought I'd be brave and go with friends to this festival and boom! Feeling the regret now! :(

      Anybody had this after a loud concert/festival and does it ease off?
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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      With all the Precautions you have taken, there is no need to regret.

      Go check an ENT if you want to be sure but relax, we can't stop living our lives because of our ears. So do not regret because regrets are useless.

      Rest a little and i'm sure it will pass. I've been to a festival too and even if the bass were loud i stayed away like you and nothing in my T or hearing changed after. .
      So relax, i think you are stressed and it can explain what you have.
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      Initial 2012. Massive spike 4/2015
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      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      I did some minor damage to myself after closed space concert. Even with earplugs and hanging out mostly in the back (2/3 of time) it messed up my hearing a bit and I have different T sound there.
      First day I had some beeping, second day too so i took prednisone 60mg for 3 days and was taking truckload of nac daily for week (2g I believe daily). It went away and came back as a new sound.

      It might still go away I guess but I'm not counting too hard on that.
      My ears didnt feel any weird. So theres that.

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