Almost a Year, How Do You Guys Do It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Enrique, May 12, 2015.

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      Hi everyone,
      As the title says, it has almost been a year with severe tinnitus (May 20, 2015) and I have had many ups and downs. I started to habituate quite well back in January and these past two months I have been so anxious and depressed about it. I FINALLY graduate university this Friday and I am also scared I won't be able to hold a job with hearing loss and tinnitus. I have been diagnosed with otosclerosis although I have mixed hearing loss, mild at the moment (-35db @ 250hz and 4k - 6k) Life is much harder but I feel it is much harder only because of the mentality I carry, problem is, I can't get rid or it! I do have hearing aids which I wear when I need too. Well point is that I just need words of advice. What should I do?
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      acoustic trauma

      Hey buddy, seems like there are certain types of surgey that can help. About Tinnitus just keep doing what you did so far. Seems it got you this far so it works ;) I know it is hard but ...what to do ... however problematic your disease seems wikipedia says there are ways to treat it. So who knows maybe you can do surgery, regain your hearing and discover your T is absolutely gone. If this happens you have to come and tell us because it would mean a lot to science. because if T disappears when hearing returns ... well it is something we rally need for hearing restoration and brain plasticity theories to work in real life. So big hug and hope you can get a surgery that will help you!

      ps go easy on the hearing aids, don`t put them too loud!

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