Almost a Year Since My Spike — Massive Improvement

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Rainbowsheep, May 24, 2018.

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      Loud music, I suppose
      So. I decided to write this post because I was looking for stories like this when my tinnitus spiked in August last year.

      So I had had tinnitus for 3.5 years before it spiked. Before the spike I barely noticed it. I heard it at night but it didn't bother me at all. Then in August last year my tinnitus spiked for no apparent reason. I hadn't been to a concert for months, though I had been using an in-ear headset. My tinnitus didn't spike right after using one, though, but one morning I just woke up to a tinnitus that was WAY louder than my baseline tinnitus. So loud that I could hear it over everything except the shower and very noisy places such as busy restaurants.

      At the time I drew the conclusion that it probably was my stupid decision to keep on going to concerts without earplugs and the decision to keep on using headsets that had spiked my tinnitus. I guess it is needless to say that I was very angry with myself and also very disappointed with myself. I knew the loud noise could damage my ears so why on earth did I have to keep playing with fire until the damage was finally done? I fell into a vicious circle of self-hatred, blame, depression and anxiety and I didn't think that I would ever make it to 30.

      However, at some point I finally began to accept that what is done is done. It was still hell and I was stressed out about hearing the ringing everywhere I went but I started to live my life again. I became determined to live my life even if tinnitus was ringing everywhere I went. I didn't know how but I knew that somehow I had to do it. For the people I love, mostly.

      Even from then there where still many nights where I cried myself to sleep but at some point around three months from the time my tinnitus spiked I noticed that it had improved a little. Not much but enough for me to notice the change. My tinnitus has been improving ever since and to this day I would say it is back to my baseline tinnitus before it spiked. I notice it more now, though, because I have become aware of it, but I only notice it in silent rooms and it doesn't usually bother me or keep me from concentrating or sleeping. It does sometimes spike which it didn't before but it always goes back to baseline after an hour or two.

      So. I figured it might be nice for you to know which changes I made.

      First, I obviously stopped listening to music through headsets which I still don't. It sucks but it is not at all worth the risk.

      Second, I took a break from concerts and parties the first two months, but I do go to concerts and parties now. Never without earplugs though, and I never stand close to the speakers and I will leave if the music feels too loud through my earplugs.

      Third, I started doing breathing exercises to learn to relax. I suffer from anxiety and my muscles around my neck and jaw tends to be very tense, because well. I clench my teeth when I get anxious. I am quite convinced that this has helped because now, whenever my muscles around the jaw is tense, my tinnitus will spike.

      Fourth, I cut down on caffeine. I haven't completely stopped drinking drinks that contains caffeine but I try to avoid it as much as I can. Not sure if it has helped, but well. I think it has helped my sleep and a good night's sleep makes tinnitus more bearable.

      Sorry for the long post I am terrible at keeping it short, but I guess the message is. If you are suffering for at spike that has lasted for a long time; don't loose hope. It might get better soon!
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      stress, loud sound
      Nice to hear a success story from you.

      Here is my story in short:

      The initial cause for my tinnitus was loud sound that was preceded by a period of a high stress. At the beginning of my tinnitus I didn’t sleep more than one month (just about 1-3 hours a night or even less). I was totally exhausted back then. At this point I thought my life is over. Gradually over 3-10 weeks I developed also extreme hyperacusis with LDL level as low as 30 db. It lasted more than six months. Almost all sounds were too loud for me, including turning the sheets of paper and typing on the keyboard. Ear plugs were my best friends during these horrible months.

      After 1.5 month after onset of tinnitus I started to take mirtazapine. For a good night sleep I must take 7.5 mg of mirtazapine along with a small dose of benzos (0.75 mg to 1.5 mg of bromazepam) and about 2.5 mg to 4 mg of Zolpidem. Especially mirtazapine and zolpidem were (and still are) my life savers.

      Now, after 2.5 years after initial onset, the LDL level is about 75-90 db (depends on the frequency of the sound). I still have very loud tinnitus lasting 24/7 and I hear my tinnitus almost over all daily sounds including city traffic, TV, and shower. I have still ear plugs in heavy street traffic and I am still unable to go to loud restaurants without ear plugs. However, now I am in the much much better space than before 2.5 years. In addition, my tinnitus is somehow softer than it was in the beginning.

      There is a hope and you will be better over time no matter how difficult the initial situation was and no matter what was the initial cause of your tinnitus.
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      Noise trauma
      Good to read there is still hope. Going to a difficult period currently suffering from T and H.
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      Concerts and TMJ and genetics (Mom, Grandpa have it)
      Cool. I have a similar story to you. I got very mild tinnitus for 5 years at age 27. I went to on average 4 concerts per year and 8 movies a year. Other than that not much loud things. Bar infrequently, and listened to music at reasonable volume. Anyways it was very mild, sometimes didn't notice it for days and even a couple weeks, and I could easily ignore it within 10 seconds. I didn't take care of it. Spiked in January 2018 (went to some events in December) but they also found an ear hair from my head lodged against my ear drum so that irritated it too. So four months later it is down a bit but not back to mild. I've made 2 mistakes in my 4 months. I was going to go to a bar that is not very loud, and they had their licenses pulled for a week so we went to another bar that had a band playing at one end for some fundraiser but we were on the other end. It was loud but not too loud, then they had some bagpiper walking around. I plugged my ears with my fingers. It gave me a 10 day spike. Mistake 2: I was hanging out with m bipolar brother and he starting having a fit in the car and I drove him home while arguing loudly for 20 minutes. Another 5 day spike plus a return of hyperacusis. It has been 6 weeks since the argument and I am intent on not making any more mistakes and giving myself a good 6 months to see where I'm. I also carry earplugs in my pocket whenever I got out, and have a set in my car, and have a set beside me. I also told my brother he is not to yell in around me and if he does I am gone or am dropping him off on the corner. Hopefully I can return to mild.

      Another part of my story is that I a 32 years old. When I was 20 I'd get occasional jaw pain. Like once a month. I told my dentist and he said I probably should have had braces because my jaw is too far back and if my jaw hurts more frequently he will make me a guard. I think I had bruxsim but not sure if it was diagnosed. So another contributor might be TMJ. I can modulate my tinnitus by clenching my jaw and turning my neck (go Susuan Shore!). I just had a mouthguard made a week ago. I wish he just would have made me a night-guard 12 years ago an maybe I wouldn't have gotten tinnitus.

      I am taking a multivitamin, NAC, Magnesium, Fish Oil, B12, D, and I plan on getting Tumeric and Ginko extract. I don't have a huge hope for supplements but I want to make sure I get the proper nutrition just in case. I am also making sure I get cardio every day to increase blood flow to ears. I have and ENT appointment in July, I'm in Canada and wait lists are wrong,. Ive been considering doing massage and physio on my neck jaw.

      I am a big believer in taking care of your ear vigilantly for months. Those 2 setback taught me that. It makes sense. If you shatter you break your leg are you going to jump on a trampoline next week? No. You go in a cast for 2 months, then you have another couple months of physio before you can jump on the trampoline again. Ears are even slower healers. Give it 6 months at least of vigillent protection from loud sounds to see if yours is the type to improve. My job is not loud so I just have to avoid loud sounds in entertainment and travelling.

      Your post gives me hope if I can stay on the right track I can see improvements.

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