Almost Two Weeks of Sudden Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Niina, Sep 13, 2016.

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      Hi! Thought I'd ask here, if anyone could help or give some advice.

      I'm 19 years old. So, about two weeks ago I had a fever and sore throat for about 4 days. On the fourth day, my left ear started to hurt very badly but it went away when I took this painkiller called Miranax. In the next few days I noticed my left ear was ringing, the sound comes in waves (pulsatile? I'm not sure) and it's like this electric buzz with a high pitched noise on top (but it's there all the time). I also started to have little balance problems, and the next week i had a little vertigo episode that lasted about 10 mins, so i decided to go to an ENT doctor cause I was really worried, anxious and tbh panicking a little. He saw no signs of infection in my ears or anything like that. I have a more accurate hearing test and doctor's appointment about the tinnitus and dizziness next week. I also got an ear flush so there's no wax. This week my left ear is still ringing, it really bothers me when i go to sleep and when it's even a little bit quiet. It also keeps "popping" especially around the morning/midday. When i walk up the stairs or something that makes my pulse faster, I can feel the pulse in my left ringing ear.

      So, the question is, if anyone knows, what the heck is happening to my ear? I didn't get exposed to any loud noise. Also when I was sick I didn't have symptons of flu except the sore throat. Could the ringing be caused by the medicine Miranax? Or what...? And there's still a chance for it going away right? I'm really anxious, worried and sad about this, I'd appreciate any help and answers. Thanks! :D
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      Some of this stuff is beyond my knowledge so I don't know the answers but I would suggest you look into an over the counter medicine called Meclizine and ask a pharmacist if he thinks it would be okay for you to take. You can read more about it here:

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