Altering the Brain Neurotransmitters to Improve Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by JacquelineG, Nov 25, 2019.

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      I've been noticing that after I wake up from taking melatonin, or drink something to alter my brain such as alcohol, my tinnitus is lower at first. I had stopped drinking a long time ago to be healthier, and when I got tinnitus again, I said the heck with it and had a couple of glasses of wine. In this altered state, I could not perceive my tinnitus and it was virtually gone and it was lower in the morning until a couple of hours later, then bam! The electrical synapses, as I like to call them, became rattled once again.

      So I am assuming since tinnitus is a brain response, the trick is to alter the brain in some way for a long period of time... like forever, to minimize neuron hyperactivity. This is the theory behind Vagus Nerve Simulation paired with sounds which is also used to treat epilepsy patients. Anyone have any tips on how to reduce neuron hyperactivity?

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