An 11-Year Veteran Tinnitus Sufferer Shares Thoughts

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark H, Nov 27, 2016.

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      Does it get better with time? No. Do you habituate and get used to it? Somewhat. Does it get worse over time? Mine sure has but I had years of practice to deal with it. Will there be a cure? Only if they re-grow ears with stem cells and I don't see how I could possibly afford it or live to see it.

      Forget doctors they are useless with tinnitus and will waste a ton of your time and money. Forget cures or Xanax or drugs except I found Cannabis helps me sleep better (though it usually spikes a bit) but sleep is key.

      I see a lot of worry warts on this forum "should I do this" or " have you tried that" STOP! I understand the fear but there IS NO CURE or TREATMENT. Just relax. Don't make a hellish situation worse by scouring the internet or constantly worrying. Just accept that this is how the world sounds now (to you) and get on with your life. Get busy living or get busy dying. Harsh but real... and true. Get out in the world and get busy. The government won't help you. Your doctor won't help you. This forum CAN help you by seeing that you are NOT alone... but be positive. I have thought of suicide almost daily for the last 5 years... but I don't give in to that because too many people love me and would be destroyed if I did that and that seems very wrong to hurt others so severely. Suicide damages those left behind in a way you can't imagine when you are in such discomfort so keep that always in mind. Wake up, have some great coffee and seize the day.

      Keep LIVING! ....and help someone today.
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      too full a life
      Great advice Mark!
      Get busy living. Only caveat...and my opinion largely crafted from excellent advice like those with long term T like Michael...we have ear challenges. Protect your ears the best you can to prevent worsening of T and H. Am I hyperviginlant? No. But ear protection is key when going into an environment of high sound level.
      PS: I take no meds for my tinnitus and I also sleep pretty well. But I do have Ativan on hand if I feel myself climbing the ladder which is extremely rare.
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      my 2c- 14 years here.

      First year- horrible. Life changing. Hard to even get up some days.
      Next 11 years. Easy. Forgot I even had it. Spiked about once a year, mild panic. Soon got used to it again.
      Last 2 years. T level increased a little. Might be age-related deafness. 3 months of panic. Compared to before, I can't avoid hearing my T at any time. But I've learned to block it out.
      There's no cure, so it's 100% down to how you deal with your T. You should learn to accept it as your 'reality' and then it won't bother you. In other words, stop calling it a disease and just try to forget what it was like before. Make it your new normal. That's the only way to survive.
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