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      Hello everyone, my name is Chris. I've had tinnitus for 10 years and some days it's the worst. I have several factors that could be causing it such as TMJ, allergies and a lot of stress. After a four hour test at the University of Buffalo, it was determined that the culprit was most likely stress and not years of loud music. However, I have not been faithfully in trying to relieve my stress, change my lifestyle or do exercises to relieve the TMJ. I think part of me is afraid that if I do all these things and the Tinnitus is still there I will be lost. The other big thing is how stressful I get at concerts. Even though I wear earplugs I will always have panic attacks thinking that it is getting worse and usual end up leaving. But with all the research being done and finding positive stories I know one day it will be better. The anxiety is the killer part for me.
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      Hi Chris

      If you want to be completely protected at concerts, use ear plugs under ear muffs. Double protection will serve you well.

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