Any Other Young Professionals Out There?

Discussion in 'Support' started by InStride, Oct 13, 2013.

    1. InStride

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      I am curious what other young professionals with tinnitus do to maintain productivity at work and balance their professional and family lives. Would like to hear from others about their experiences.
    2. SarahR

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      It might be a push to call myself a 'professional' but I'm in a role that's requiring exam certification and the like, and I'm also pretty young at 23.

      At the moment I don't feel like my work is suffering although my T did only start 1 month ago. At work I seem to have natural masking with everyday noises and nough work to keep my mind occupied! I do think the exam study will be harder now, I always liked silence and I'm very concerned at the prospect of a silent exam room :(

      I hope you're managing to juggle everything too :)
    3. James White

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      April 2013
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      My personal professional life really isn't a problem when it comes to tinnitus as i work in a pretty silent environment and i can listen to music in my office, i'm a web developer. It's more my free time that is problematic : being around noisy places like bars, concerts, etc. I have to decline most of that stuff now.
    4. object16

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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      i am not completely old yet, and my tinnitus was clearly there when i was young professional, but it was at a much lower level, nevertheless it was kind of a handicap - my focus would be on maintaining my work, and the personal/private life was really constrained - for example i had to completely drop out of being quite an active violinist in the community symphony orchestra. even when young, the doctors had put me on elavil anti depressant, so i was already drug dependent when young, which was the fault of the medical professional not knowing what this disease was all about - at his point i am almost turning into a semi/hermit.

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