Any Success Stories with Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Apr 1, 2016.

    1. Mario martz

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      With tinnitus that got better or found habituation?
      I really need to listen/read one...
    2. beeeep

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      ~2000, but real bad since 06/2015
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      Me. I have HL and T in my left ear.
      I don't know how bad your HL is, but mine is worst at around 2kHz, where I lost ~50kHz according to my last audiogram (and it gets worse each time a new audiogram is done). When it started back last summer it was really bad, and I also suffered when it got worse this winter. Also, the fullness in my ear and the fact that no one can tell me the cause for my T doesn't help. My T is a combination of several frequencies - I wonder if at some time I will have enough different tones that my T becomes white noise and can mask itself... ;)

      However, by now I decided to just don't care about it and continue living my live as before. I don't try to not hear it or *actively* ignore it (didn't work), I don't try to wish it away (doesn't work either).
      However, I tried to think about it without having any (bad) emotions and without being anxious about it.
      I try to be more like a curious bystander. "Ohh, there it is. Interesting. Well, fine, but, umm, I'm busy posting in a forum, hear you later".

      There are still bad moments, especially If I wake up in the night just an hour or so before I need to get up, it can really keep me from falling asleep again. But on the other hand, there are more and more days where I wake up and don't think about it first. Also, I get more and more time where I don't notice it.
      Try to not be obsessed with it, instead just accept it. I developed quite some things that reminded me of my T all the time. For example, I often checked my hearing by covering my good ear and tried to find out if I could still hear a certain sound using only my bad ear. When I heard a strange sound, I immediately covered my ears to check if it was a new tone or if it was from outside. I spend days searching the internet for the one miracle cure that no one has found yet but would help me.
      I stopped all this and just accepted that it is the way it is.
      Helped quite a lot, although it was hard stopping those habits.

      Have I habituated? I'd say not yet, but I got my live back and am pretty close to being my former self again.

      Just don't let it take over your live. The fatal thing is that if you stop doing what you like because of your T, you'll end up just more isolated and with more time that you have to spend with your T alone.

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