Anyone Experience Tinnitus Reduction with Botox Treatment for Migraines?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Arseny, Jan 27, 2019.

    1. Arseny

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      Possibly from problems with blood flow

      One of the clinics I visited offers Botox injections near temples and other parts of the head. They seem legit (it's a huge hospital with 3 buildings) and they claim to have EU license for this treatment. (

      I have headaches from hyperacusis (hyperacusis manifests itself in migraines, headaches, brain zaps, electric shocks in different parts of my head).
      It completely went away with 2 weeks of silence, but comes back after each noise exposure (safe for other people).

      Has anyone done these injections before?
      Have you noticed an improvement in tinnitus or hyperacusis?

      I don't know if it's worth it (it's pretty expensive) and what risks this procedure can have, because it's not just a simple injection to remove wrinkles in your forehead.
    2. Johan_L

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      Noise induced
      Positive Botox story:—-it-helped-me.33122/#post-407695

      I contacted Myriam Westcott regarding the Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block mentioned in an article. She just replied this morning. Apparantly the patient later received Botox that gave even more relief.—-stellate-ganglion-block.33478/
      (This was for sound induced pain, and not Tinnitus.)

      However, there are reports of Botox casuing Tinnitus...
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      Somatic tinnitus / head injury
      –Did you also read where Miram Westcott suggested a trial of using Lyrica?

      Tonic tensor tympani syndrome induced trigeminal nerve irritability can lead to severe persistent pain. This may be in the form of a chronic dull ache in and around the ear and/or a sharp stabbing aural pain, developing or increasing following exposure to intolerable sounds.

      – Symptoms of numbness/burning in and around the ear are also consistent with trigeminal nerve irritation.

      – Referral to a pain specialist or neurologist is recommended for those patients with chronic pain. Medications such as Endep of Lyrica can be trialled.

      – A stellate ganglion block has been effective for temporary pain relief in one ASD patient, confirming sympathetic nervous system involvement, and further trials are being carried out.

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