Anyone Here Undergone Ultrasound Therapy?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, Mar 6, 2015.

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      Anyone ever had ultrasound therapy ? I had a session of it yesterday on my neck muscles and it felt awesome! Its supposed to send high frequency sound waves into your muscles and tissues and gently heat them up to allow good circulation and healing of damaged tissues. Although it somewhat made a difference to my tinnitus. I am concerned that the high frequency sound waves would reach my cochlea through my neck and damage my hearing . is it possible ?

      I still have 5 more sessions to go and this thought is literally eating me from inside. I already had one treatment and while that equipment was rolling over my neck my T was fluctuating like crazy!! The PT had already told me that I would hear sounds in my ear because the neck muscles are tight and the sounds will reduce as the muscles would relax. Anyone with the same experience ?

      I am scared that the crazily fluctuating T sounds in my ears were the high frequency waves irritating my cochlea . Or its just my thoughts going crazy?? Please help. I have my second session tomorrow and the PT would obviously say its safe
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      Has anyone found relief from their tinnitus as a result of ultrasound therapy? Share your experiences if there are any.

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