Anyone Similar (Tinnitus Goes Away for Hours Every Morning)? Please Help

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thericker, Oct 30, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      First off I want you all to know T can go away. I got mine in 1/2010 and it went away in 6/2010. I couldn't have habituated because I never accepted it and always looked for it as I'm also OCD.

      Now for last two weeks it is back. However it goes away EVERY morning. It's GONE. I Listen and it doesn't exist. I have quiet HOURS which is great. I know most of you have this screaming all the time so I apologize if I seek weak to you. It comes on in late afternoon and lasts until a few hours before I wake.

      I'm currently on a round of tapering 4mg steriods for 6 days (helped noise reduction in my 1st go around w this) so I asked for it again. I also did Accupuncture last time so I'm doing that again too

      This time it's a 2/10 and the 1st time it was much worse maybe a 6/10. However I'm struggling to cope so much more now as i'm paralyzed by the fear that this is going to last forever. ( yes you think it's going away the first time would make me more optimistic) but I can't eat, or go to work.

      I'm just wondering if this is a good sign that I can rid myself of this again or is this just the beginning of worse things to come.

      I know the unpredictability of the T and most of you will not have an answer but just wondering if anyone has a similar situation
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      I don't have any input on your actual question, I'm sorry.
      As someone who struggles with the same kind of thinking, I just wanted to say that for your own happiness and well being, you need to learn how to disassemble this kind of negative rumination in your thought patterns. If you don't, even if your tinnitus completely goes away, you're never going to be content.

      Figure out what the things are that prevent you from accepting unwanted feelings and sensations, and figure out how to unwind them. It's not easy, it might be the hardest thing you ever do -- but, one thing is certain: as you age, your body is going to slowly fall apart. That's how it works. There will never be an end to unwanted, painful, inescapable experiences. You either have to find a way to embrace them, or spend your life fighting them.
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