Are Ear Plugs Bad or Good?

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      I have had a major surgery and have gone to ENT specialists all my life for ear wax removal and check up, at least once a year.

      Recently I got tinnitus. I have discussed with ENT specialists three times in my life regarding tinnitus.

      First time:

      Me: I said I had a rather bad tinnitus some time ago, but now it is gone.
      ENT: Your tinnitus is gone now, right? Then fine. Next patient please!

      Second time:

      Me: I had tinnitus pulsating with my heart beat. But as I have avoided noise for a couple of weeks it is now almost gone.
      ENT: Noise? No way. It is because of stress! Please take these Xanax if things get worse. I will prescribe them in a minute.

      Third time:

      I had tinnitus, but didn't say a word about it. I had used ear plugs and hearing protectors intensively for a months. I had just been one month since my last visit to the same ENT specialist.

      Me: Hi :)
      ENT: Take a photo of my ear and shows me a big crust in my ear and works hard to remove it.

      Afterwards? No change in my tinnitus signal at all. And the doctor didn't see it!

      Conclusion? Never ever discuss tinnitus with an ENT specialist. They don't see it, they don't treat it. Listen to your own body. If you think silence helps, then remain in silence.

      If you have troubles with ear wax, then avoid hearing protectors, especially in summer and if high moisture.

      That's my lesson for today.

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