Are Hearing Aids Useful for Tinnitus That Reacts to Some Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Roger79, Mar 22, 2020.

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      I have had tinnitus for more then a year now. And it is severe. I have some hearing loss in my left ear that has tinnitus.

      They want to first start CBT to manage my tinnitus. And if that won't help me enough they want to give me hearing aids.

      Do hearing aids help me even if I have tinnitus that reacts to some sounds?

      Are there people on here that use hearing aids even with tinnitus that reacts to some sounds?
      And did the hearing aids really help?

      Hope to see some reactions.

      Kind regards,

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    2. Michael B
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      I have mild hearing loss and severe tinnitus on my left side. My ENT prescribed me a hearing aid that fortunately was covered under insurance thinking that it would help with my tinnitus. I use it for its bluetooth function for masking but rarely use it for hearing. During the times I did use it for hearing, it did seem to increase my tinnitus so I stopped using it. I think I really need to use it consistently but have yet to do so.
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      They had the reverse effect for me so I had to stop using them. This was the third time I tried them.

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