Are There Any Conferences for Tinnitus Sufferers?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SillyCatz, Jan 8, 2014.

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      I've had tinnitus now for over 10 years. I describe it to family and friends as having a tea kettle at full shrill in my right ear...never-ending...not one second of reprieve in all this time. If I get a cold, it ratchets up a few more decibels, if you can imagine. Sometimes it is also in my left ear.

      I downloaded a white noise app at work that I have going while at work and another app that I listen to on my iPod when I sleep (plus a fan on high).

      I've been to 5 audiologists who all told me I just have to live with this and offered me anxiety meds which I refuse to take . I hope and pray that there is a cure (sooner than later).

      Thankfully, I haven't let it stop me from living...but it sure would be nice to have a few moments of silence.

      I have looked into hearing aids but at $3500/ear, I won't be getting those.

      I'm grateful to have found this support group. Does anyone know if there are any conferences or groups who get together to support each other? The only conferences I have found online are for audiologists and students. I want to meet other people with tinnitus face to face! I don't know anyone else in my life with this affliction.
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      Hi, SillyCatz,
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk! The only organization I know of that might have group meetings is the American Tinnitus Association. You could look them up online or contact them to find out if there a group that meets in your area. There is one that meets once a month in my city, but I've never attended their meetings because of my schedule.

      Aside from that, my only other suggestion would be to look on Meetups.Com to see if there is a tinnitus group in your area. If not, you could consider starting one!

      I'm glad we have Tinnitus Talk! It is a wonderful online forum for all tinnitus sufferers. We're glad to welcome you to the "family"!
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