Audiologist Round 2

Discussion in 'Support' started by amybu22, Aug 22, 2016.

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      Hi guys, hope you're all doing okay, hope your day is going well for you all.

      So I had my second Audiology appointment last week.
      My Audiologist puzzles me somewhat, as he doesn't seem to think Tinnitus is that big of a deal.
      He talked about how /everybody/ has tinnitus, says everyone is capable of hearing it - it has always been there.
      Well that's great isn't it, such a comfort. Haha, not.

      I asked why I was able to hear it then. To be honest I sort of had to be the one to say that I had most likely damaged my Auditory part by a night out I had over a year ago.

      He seems to think I can still hear it because of my 'emotional connection' to it.

      He said I shouldn't allow it to take over my life... As (and this is the big part) nothing can make it any worse!

      I have been, not so scared, but aware of loud places and yes I have probably avoided doing stuff like the cinema etc etc. He said I could use some of these musicians earplugs he gave me, but only for a while, and he said he wanted me to get used to how loud the cinema was so I wouldn't have to wear them at all.

      He told me if i do relaxation excersizes every day it will help.
      Will it?

      Honestly I'm not all anxious about it as i used to be, even though I can't deny if it fluctuates for whatever reason I suddenly become more aware of it. And I think all of us here probably have moments when we lay in bed at night wondering if you'll be forever listening to this endless noise.

      Anyway, your thoughts? Anyones else audiologists advised differently?

      Hope you're all doing well and honestly you're all so brave, I admire every one of you.
      I get a lot of folk not thinking it's a big deal because they can't see it, and it's all inside my head but.
      I've had a lot of dark days due to it so every single person that's going through this right now - I take my hat off to you (if i wore one that is).

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      Yeah, audiologists are pretty much useless unless you're getting a hearing aid fitted.
      Here's hoping for better days :beeranimation:
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      If they don't know physiological tinnitus from pathological tinnitus, then they don't know anything about tinnitus at all. No point in staying with him.

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