Bad Tinnitus After Concussion — I Have One Silent Day Every Two Days

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Terry Del Casale, Mar 10, 2020.

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      Prob loud music from High school and/or loud machinery
      Hi - I experienced a bad concussion in July 2019, which has changed my life for the worse.

      As of today, it's been 7 months of "hell", involving constant, daily dizziness, screen dizziness, bad stomach, balance and bad tinnitus. My tinnitus was there before, but is now much worse after the concussion. I went to my PT (Physiotherapist), who performed some neck/head adjustments to relieve symptoms... some of my symptoms were relieved temporarily, but I've noticed since then, my tinnitus is worse.

      Mine is a constant, pretty loud "hissing" sound, mostly in the right ear.

      It stays for 2 days, then shuts down for 1 day, then starts up again. I've documented this pattern.

      Per my ENT, this pattern is strange. He told me there is no cure. I've been reading up on the neck exercises and the AudioNotch (not spending thousands on Neuromonics).

      Does anyone have this pattern of a few days on, 1 day off? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try? Thanks in advance.
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      March 2019
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      When you say off do you mean complete silence?
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      Fall from stairs
      Nothing strange about it, there are plenty of T cases where it goes down and up. I occasionally have silence as well, sometimes a semi-loud day, and usually somewhere in between. I suppose your ENT is referring to sound-induced T, which (as far as I know) cannot go silent according to current theories. Of course, this does not say anything about T with other causes.

      I'd say you have a fair chance of finding relieve by doing neck exercises. Not talking about neck adjustments, those are different: just neck exercises which you can do by yourself. My T is a result from a neck injury, and I got immense relief with two months of daily stretching. It's not completely gone yet, but nothing in comparison to what it was before.

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