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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ragman, Sep 19, 2016.

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      It has been just a year since I developed Tinnitus, like most people that became afflicted with Tinnitus I tried just about every thing out there that didn't cost a arm and a leg. Which did not accomplish anything. I started using Audacity with the Band Stop Filter. I have been trying all different tracks and notches. Sometime it seems like it is going to help, then the T jumps up and bites. After using the Band Stop Filter on some tracks I discovered that I could notch several octaves on the same track by adjusting the settings in the analysis option. I could set it to notch just one octave or 6 octaves. What I was wondering if anyone knows which is better,
      notching out several octaves on one track, or to have several tracks with a different octave on each and play them thru the mp3 consecutively. So far I have only tried doing the multi octave notch. My T seems to have raised the frequency from when it started out. It started at 6khz, but now when I test it with the tones on Audacity it seems to be between 7khz and 8khz. So what do I do, set the notches for the new frequency or continue to set it at 6khz? It isn't quite as loud as it started out a year ago but still is between a 3 & 4 on a scale of 0-10 most of the time. I have forced myself to so the things I did before developing the T, which seems to help a little. Any thoughts or comments welcomed.

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