Best Way I've Found to Mask (Waterproof Sony Walkman with Cricket Sound)

Discussion in 'Support' started by josh77, Sep 23, 2016.

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      I was losing my mind as my T is bad enough in one ear that it totally fucks up my entire life. Anyways, It's been over a year and I've tried everything. Always the worst after a shower. I won't go into details on why this mp3 player is a good masking device as no one ever seem to care or just want to debate. But if you looking for something to try, check out the waterproof sony walkman. I play a "cricket" track on loop as this is the sound the mask my T> It's sad but I wear this thing most of the day at a very low volume.
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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      That's great! Really glad you found something to at least mask it... May I ask how loud is your T?? Im interested in this
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      Ear infection
      Do you wear it with headphones?
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      I'm assuming you're referring to a waterproof Walkman because you wear it in the shower???
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      Here is why I like the sony waterproof sony mp3 player.

      1. Waterproof so you can put it on right after a shower. My T seems the worst after a shower...maybe because the shower is the one place I don't hear it.
      2. No wires. Just the band that goes across the back of the head to connect the R and L
      3. Maybe not intended by design, but the way they are made allows you to wear them without putting the ear buds in your ear canal. This allows you to still be able to talk to someone while still masking the T.
      4. No bluetooth. Not a big fan of having bluetooth on a device I sometime wear to sleep or a good part of the day around the house.
      5. I work for sony and they pay me big time for posting. JK of course. Just hope they can help someone as they really helped me feel like I can escape if needed and still go about getting things done. Just being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunset is a big step forward.

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