Boot Camp With Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Giovanni, Apr 18, 2015.

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      Woke up one morning.
      Has anyone joined the military and experienced boot camp while having tinnitus? I'm nervous because I have tinnitus and when it's lights out I fear I will have insane amounts of trouble sleeping.
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      can't you ask for permission to have a pillow speaker for masking?
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      I'm a military veteran, and the answer is no. During boot camp, the military will treat you like dirt and you will get no "special" privileges. Because as far as they're concerned, if you had a condition that needed to be accommodated for, then you wouldn't have passed the physical to begin with. They will tell you to suck it up and deal with it and adapt.

      You have to remember, in boot camp, they are trying to simulate a high stress environment where things are not ideal. They are trying to prepare you to be able to perform under duress, because as they say, if you're at war, you'll have to be able to do your job efficiently no matter what. If you're at war and you're distracted by tinnitus and not focused on your objective, then you're as good as dead. That's the military answer you'll receive (but in a MUCH nicer way than if you were to ask your drill sergeant/training instructor/drill instructor that question!). But the military will let you know quickly that you're not special at all and get no special treatment.

      But the good news is that once boot camp is behind you, you'll be treated like a human being again and you can seek any and all help you need.
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