Botox — Risks of Ototoxicity?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Feb 7, 2017.

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      Hey all,

      So I am getting botox in a few neck muscles next week to treat my cervical dystonia. I am currently planning getting them in the anterior scalenes and SCMs, and possibly in one of the TMJ related muscles in the hopes that some of my other chronic health problems will go away. I've been on a muscle relaxant for 4 months to no avail, and physical therapy will take too long given the horrific symptoms I have been struggling with, so that's why I am trying something a little more risky.

      Now, I have heard that people have had T or hearing loss develop after getting botox injections near their ears (for wrinkles, on the sides of eyes, etc.), and it worries me. There has been a risk posted about this problem, although in practice it is rare.

      This being said, how many people here have tried botox for neck muscles or an ear-related condition? What were the side effects of using botox, if any, and did you experience an increase in T?
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      clenching jaw while weightlifting
      Hi @Coyotesheaven

      Did you ever have Botox? We are considering it in the neck muscles would be interested to hear of your decision.

      Kind regards
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      Several causes
      I know this is an old post... I was wondering if you finally had botox and how it went...

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